At this time, this is a fully private website. I do not have any
relationship to teslamotors, exept the fact that I am on the
waiting list for delivery of a 2009 spec Tesla roadster ....

I will keep this page simple. It is my very first ever made, and I do not
have much time for maintenance. I will not add functions that can be
found on other websites more detailed, e.g. a forum; where I suggest
you to use

I will try to share new roadster information/pics on this site when I
have one available, so expect updates to happen not that frequently.
But one is for sure -
the future is electric!

Welcome to
Tesla Roadster VP12 at Monaco Port chicane, April 2008
Production Car #4
at display on the Tesla booth
Validation Prototype #12
at Monaco pier
The Monaco Port Episode
computer feeling & top acrobatics!
Tesla Special
staff, votes, comparisons ;-)
The Monaco Port Episode
computer feeling & top acrobatics!
Other E-cars in Monaco
known vendors, but nothing rolling
The Gas Guzzler Fraction
a short glimpse on the roaring side
Impressions of Monaco
very few impressions apart of cars